In situ

integration of a triptych into the depot of a Art and Heritage The Potyze,Ypres
Apart from the intrinsic purity from which Liquid Times arose and without actually mentioning its mysterious beauty, one can only conclude that artist Stéphanie Leblon is not just guiding us: the essence of this three-part piece cannot be apprehended at a glance, cannot be absorbed in an instance. It is a complex pictorial score whose content reveals itself only partially, provided one takes the time and stillness to discover it.True art does not give away her secrets that easily and asks more questions than there are expressible answers. If art does not trigger thought, it disappoints. Stéphanie Leblon's work literally comes into being from that decisive vantage point.Liquid Times is an adventure without a plot, depicted with precision. Lines, shapes, curves and cavities - constructed with unimaginable elegance in a complex, undulating landscape - force us to take on the role of observer rather than that of artistic consumer.Besides the artist's substantive and artistic intentions, the work of art is not complete without the piercing eye of the beholder: Liquid Times invites and even insists on carrying out that visual quest from which one can gradually construct a personal story.Leblon's compositions, seemingly abstract at first glance, have been built up with an economical use of colour and meticulously meandering lines. Deep inside there are illusionary human and animal presences to unravel, not unlike discovering accidental figurations in passing clouds. Obviously, it's not that straightforward: Stéphanie constructed the work carefully and thoughtfully into three long, whimsical images that seemingly form a whole, but hide a different story in their own right. This manifests itself in the manner the three works both relate to each other and differentiate themselves from the others. Herein lies the strength of this pictorial adventure Leblon is taking us on, straight into the world she constructed meticulously and with great mastery.Pure beauty does not yield that easily, and the instantaneously consumable often has little to offer. Perhaps that's the reason that the most sublime feature of Liquid Times - besides its purely artistic quality - is its ability to encourage us to be ferociously vigilant. Stéphanie Leblon's manner of luring us into her world, nearing the fairylike, harbours the essence of beauty. Because the most beautiful things are not those set in stone, but those that get carried away by the current like a dance. 
Dirk Pauwels
Liquid Times part 1  75cm x280cm
Liquid Times part 2  75cm x280cm
Liquid Times part 3 75cm x280cm